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Caucus for the open seat for the District Dem State Council

April 11 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

We have two candidates for the open female seat for Democratic State Committee in the Middlesex & Worcester District. (Info on the Candidates is Below)

This meeting will allow both candidates to introduce themselves to our town committee. We will then nominate one male, one female, and one delegate of either gender to represent us at the main caucus on April 27th, time and location TBD.

The caucus begins at 7:30pm, and you MUST arrive on time to vote. When we finish, we plan on heading over to Bar25 for socialization and drinks.

Please park across the street from the Ayer PD or downtown.


Meet Candidate Molly Biron

Note- This is edited from her letter of intention as a candidate.

I am happy to inform you that I intend to run for the open female seat in the Middlesex and Worcester District for the Democratic State Committee of Massachusetts. I would like to file for this open seat because of the exciting progressive potential that is unique to Massachusetts: my home state. Because of my valuable political experience in policy and electoral organizing, I would like to dive deeper into MA politics beyond my municipal Democratic Town Committee membership and Energy Committee appointment. I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Democratic Party members and officials from across the state to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the issues our varying demographics face, advocate alongside candidates within my district, advance the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s policies and agenda, and contribute my own ideas and tenacity for social change.

I began organizing in college. Following my internship in Washington, D.C. as a Federal Policy Intern at WE ACT for Environmental Justice in 2015, I became the Head Coordinator of the Peace and Justice League, a social justice organization on my campus at the University of New Hampshire. Holding this title, I was able to be the opening speaker at the Bernie Sanders for President rally that same year, where I spoke in front of an over-capacity basketball arena of 3,500 people. It was in this moment I realized the power in my voice, how loud and proud I could speak, and how my energy and passion could motivate the masses.

In 2016, I flew to Iowa for the final stretch of organizing for the 2016 Democratic Caucus as a student fellow in Iowa City. Upon graduation, I soon became a field organizer for NextGen Climate NH in Manchester and Durham, advancing issue-based campaign work specifically on college campuses across the state. In 2018, I jumped onto the midterm election cycle back in Iowa for the Iowa Democratic Party’s Campaign for Iowa. There, I solidified my professional community organizing capabilities and went above and beyond my goals, week after week, to form a self-sufficient volunteer team.

A goal of mine is to inspire more women and young people to achieve leadership positions in politics, including myself. In order to do that, I must listen and learn from others within the Party and develop further as a leader by taking on as many opportunities as possible. Investing my time and energy into learning more about the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from the ground up will allow me to help our state continue to innovate new social programs and awareness which will pioneer national political strategy.


Meet Candidate Kara Le Treize

I was born in Massachusetts, and am a lifelong Democrat. I am a member of my Democratic Town Committee.

I have attended State Committee meetings over the last few years and also keep involved in Democratic Party activities in the senate district and in the region. (I participate currently in MNW Alliance and recently in M-W Dems in Boxborough). I also attend various Town and City committee meetings. I was an active democrat while living in Natick and was briefly a town meeting member in Natick. I have also participated in many democratic campaigns for state and federal office, volunteered in recounts, and eventually became an advisor on a statewide race in 2018.

Now, I’d like to carry that effort forward by filling the seat at the State Committee. The area of responsibility that means the most to me is working to strengthen the local committees. That is where I will act as a conduit between the Party and the local committees and vice versa, ensuring good communication and making our activism is as responsive and effective as possible.

I am really looking forward to this opportunity and ask for your support and the support of your fellow Town Committee members.


April 11
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Ayer Police Department